King Hoe’s vast range of services include site preparation, underground services, road building, site remediation, demolition, aggregate sales and landfill. See below for a more detailed list of our services:

Utilities and Road Building

  • Sanitary, storm and water mains
  • Hydro, telephone and cable underground installation, street-lighting
  • Roadwork, asphalt paving, curbing and sidewalks
  • Boulevard grading, landscaping and irrigation
  • Retaining walls
  • Culverts

Excavation and Shoring

  • Residential and commercial bulk excavations
  • Detailed excavations
  • Sub grade preparation
  • Bulk Fill
  • Bank and dyke protection
  • In-stream and riparian works


  • Landfill & pond construction
  • Contaminated soil excavation, transport and disposal
  • Soil stabilization and solidification
  • Cut-off walls
  • Contaminated site project management

Demolition & Land Clearing

  • Residential, industrial and commercial demolition
  • Material salvage and recycling
  • Land clearing, burning, and grading