We offer a wide range of industry standard MMCD Specification ( gravel, sand and boulder products from our two pits: Caswell and Shaw. For aggregate sales, please contact Al Coxworth at 604 819-3182 for a quote or our general price list.

Natural Sand & Gravel

  • Bank Run Sand and Gravel
  • 75mm Screened Pit Run
  • Select Granular Sub Base (SGSB)
  • Screened Sand
  • 25mm screened pit run

Crushed Products

  • 19mm Crushed Road Base
  • 5mm crusher dust

Clear Products

  • 19mm Clear Crush (Drain Rock)

Washed Sands

  • 5mm washed concrete sand
  • c33 septic sand

Washed Round Rocks

  • 12.5mm Washed Round Rock
  • 25mm Washed Round Rock
  • 9mm Birdseye

Landscape Rocks

  • 1' – 3’ Landscape Boulders